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July 26, 2012
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You wiped the sweat that had formed onto your brow. You sighed, the warm air filling your lungs as the summer cicadas whined and whispered all around you as you stared out at the grand lake before you.  You had taken a summer job as a life guard out at the lake nearby your house. You didn't want to rely on your parents for money too much, and Emil—your best friend—had his birthday coming up and you wanted to give him something really nice.

You adjusted in your tall chair and stared out into the setting sun. The job had some of its perks, like the setting sun that you were able to see before having to clear up the beach.
"Hey ____!" You heard someone shouting from below. You looked down and saw Emil waving from below, a small smile on his face.

"Ha—hey Emil!" You shouted back, laughing as you plopped down in front of him. You ran your hand through your ____, tousled hair and gave him a whole-hearted smile. You loved the kid to death, you swore you did. There was a slight glint to his violet eyes.

"What are you doing here? I didn't know you worked as a lifeguard." He looked down to your attire; a one-piece bathing suit.

Wait, you hadn't of told him? You looked through your memories as if you were rewinding a video tape, and found nothing of the sort. Crap! He didn't know you were getting something for his birthday; you wanted to keep it a surprise.

You scratched the back of your head, trying to think of an excuse. "Ah, that's right!" You raised a hand and pointed your finger upwards. "Lukas thought it would be a good idea for me to work with him over the summer. You know, like coworkers!" You laughed. That was partially the truth; Lukas had asked you to work with him, and you conceded with the thought of Emil at the back of your mind.

   Emil didn't respond immediately, but instead turned to face the now-orange waters. "Lukas did that….." He muttered something else, but you weren't able to catch it.

   "Is there a specific reason you visited me?" You put your hands behind your back and walked towards him. You stood in front of him and searched his face which had turned utterly blank.

   He blinked a few times and stared back into your ___eyes. "I always come to the beach to relax. Seeing you was just unexpected." He began to walk towards the shoreline and he sat down, the waves lapping around him.

   You shook your head and sighed. He was always strange, that one. You walked away from him and saw Lukas over by the help center. He was twirling his hair, his nose buried into some book as you approached and leaned on the counter.

   "Hey Lukas, your brother's here." You jabbed your finger towards the silver/white-haired boy.

   This piqued some of his interest. He glanced over to where you were pointing and his eyes widened slightly. "What's Emil doing here?"

   "You mean he doesn't do this regularly?" You were awfully confused. Who was lying? It couldn't be Emil; he was always honest with you, so he wouldn't lie.

   Would he?

   "Not really." He pursed his lips and looked at you, his blue eyes emotionless like always. "He must be here to see some girl."

   Your heart lurched. A girl? You coughed, trying to disperse the feeling. It was probably the humid air. Yea, that was it. "Nah. Emil doesn't have a clue about girls, so why would he be here for one?" You laughed and shook your hand in denial. Even if it was a girl, he would've told you about it.

   "Well, I don't know. He's not here to visit me, that's for sure." He put the book in front of his face again and began flipping through the pages, signaling that the conversation was over.

   You sighed, walking over to the bathroom where you changed into some shorts and a ___ tank top. You stretched and made your way over to Emil who was playing with the sand as the water snatched it from his fingers.

   "Hey Emil, are you waiting for someone?" You plopped down next to him, not caring that your clothes were getting wet.

   He didn't respond immediately. This surprised you; twice in a row? This wasn't normal behavior of him. You turned your head to see that his cheeks were tinted a light pink.

   Was he . . . blushing?

   No, it couldn't be; it must be your imagination. You shook it off.

   "Sort of."

   "Is it a girl?" You were edging him on. For some reason, you really wanted to know.

   He stood up immediately and your heart stopped for a second. Emil began to pace back and forth as he sighed in frustration.

   "What is this, twenty questions or something?" He began to stalk off, leaving you with this sort of pain in your chest. Was it heartburn? Maybe you were getting sick. Yea, that was it…

   "I was just curious," You muttered, staring out towards the purple skies. Emil seemed to hear you because he turned around and stared at you, trying to get your attention.

   "____. I just wanted to let you know that you don't need to come to my house for my birthday, alright?"

   You stared at him. What was this idiot doing?! He knew that both of you always celebrated his birthday together, and sometimes when Tino wasn't busy, he would come along. Most of the time the rest of his family wasn't there so you tried to make up for it and you had always brought a cupcake with a candle and a present for him.

  And he didn't want to hang out with you?

   "Why Emil? Why don't you want me to hang out with you on your birthday?" You stared out into the water, refusing to meet his eyes. You didn't want him to see how much it hurt. He was basically rejecting you as a being AND as your friend.

   "Because I think Lukas is working here that day, and maybe you'd like more money," He looked back at you as your mouth was slightly hanging open. "Just a thought." He began to walk away, leaving you to look at his silhouette as it darkened.

   You can't tell me what to do, you thought, refusing to give up. There was something bugging him, but that didn't give him the right to ban you from celebrating his birthday! You huffed and got up, heading towards your home.

   You were standing in front of Emil's home, the birthday present inside the satchel you had slung around your shoulders.  You had really put a lot of thought into the gift, looking through the stored until you had found the right one; a puffin stuffed animal and bracelets that looked like licorice declaring your friendship. Your mouth was set into a determined line, refusing to leave even if Berwald showed up and had to drag you out.

   Yet, as your hand hovered over the door to knock, you couldn't help but shake a little at the thought that Emil was completely serious and he just might drag you out if that was what it took. You took deep breaths and knocked lightly, hoping someone would answer quickly.

   Just your luck, Tino opened the door, his trademark smile shining on his face. "Ah, it's you ____~!" Tino sang as he pushed you into the house.

   Hm. He probably doesn't know about the argument, you thought as Tino plopped you onto the sofa.

    "Emil is up in his bedroom sulking for some reason, and every time I try to call him down, he only grunts. I was thinking maybe we could take him to the beach where you work so he could have some fun!" Tino grabbed your hand and pulled you to the second floor where all the bedrooms were situated.

   "Ah, er, Tino; I don't think right now is— "

   "Don't be ridiculous! I bet Emil's waiting for you!" He shoved you into his room and shut the door saying, "I'll be back up in a few minutes, okay?"

   You heard shuffling behind you and you flinched, not expecting that noise. You slowly turned around to see your best friend with a face of pure annoyance, his blue eyes glinting.

   "Did what I say not enter your mind, ____?" He crossed his arms and his fingers were tapping on his arms. He waited for your response.

   You ruffled your hair, frustrated with him, yourself—the whole world. "Emil, you know this isn't fair; I've always celebrated your birthday with you. Always. You can't just change that out of the blue." You were trying so hard to keep your anger and sadness inside of you, and somehow you were managing.

   He closed the distance between you two and lifted your chin to face him so you couldn't look anywhere else. "Maybe because it seems you'd rather be with Lukas than with—"

   Tino bursted through the doorway and grabbed both you and Emil's hands and he was dragging you out of the house, not noticing the tension that seemed to be so thick around you both.

   "I think it's time we go to the beach," He laughed as you were both being dragged against your will to the endless waters. "Plus, you can work a little today, ___." He looked at you and smiled, pushing you towards the changing room.

   Both you and Emil were sitting next to each other in the sand, refusing to say anything to each other. After you had changed into your one-piece bathing suit, you had kept your satchel with you in case you could still give Emil his birthday present.

   When the silence seemed to stretch for miles and not a word passing in between you two, you sighed and got up, not wanting to waste any more of his time.

   "I'll go see how Lukas is doing I guess," You murmured under your breath, making your way over to his post.

   "Yea, go with Lukas; I bet he'll like your sour attitude," He said in disgust, looking out into the setting sun.

   You couldn't handle it anymore; your heart was hurting so bad.

   You just,


   "Emil, what the hell is the matter with you?!" You shouted at him, coming back to where he was sitting. You felt as if something was caught in your throat and a tear escaped from you. How could he behave this way? It wasn't natural of him!

   "What's the matter with me? What's the matter with you, ___?" His voice was rising in anger, rising even higher than yours.

   "What are you talking abou—"

   "I'm talking about you and Lukas! You both seem so buddy-buddy right? You like to hang out with him more, right?" He was walking away and he was still facing you, his arms raised up in the air.

  "Emil, you're my best friend; why would I change that?" You looked out into the water, scared of what you might see in those now-cold eyes of his.

   "___; I love you so much for God's sake! I can't even stand the thought of you with him in a swimsuit that looks so incredible on you!" He shouted at the top of his lungs, waiting for you to retaliate with something.

   Your heart stopped. What was this? This feeling that seemed to grow with each passing second? Your best friend told you he loved you—and not in the friend sense, but in the lover sense—and for some reason, you were crazy enough to feel the same way.

   "You idiot," You murmured, half laughing as you ran over to him and kissed him roughly on the lips, catching him off-guard.

   He froze up for a second, but responded fully by wrapping his arms around your waist, trying to deepen the kiss. You ran your hands through his tousled white-blonde hair, feeling in utter bliss. He licked your lower lip asking for permission and you granted it fully, letting him do what he pleased.

   After a while you both parted, breathing heavily. You smiled at him, your hand caressing his cheek. "Why would you think that, Emil?" You murmured, your smile slowly disappearing. You deserved an answer.

   He blushed and held you closer to him as he buried his face in your ___ hair. "Well, I've loved you for a while now, ___. And the day I went to the beach, I wanted to confess to you. I knew you worked there since Tino told me, but I didn't expect you to be there because of Lukas." His words were muffled, but they were all utterly sincere.

   "So that's why you were there that day," You replied in awe. You were so shadowed of his feelings that it was embarrassing.

   "Yes. And you were looking very adorable that day." You could feel the smile on his lips as he kissed your hair. You blushed a deep red.

   "Ah, that's right! I need to give you your gift," You grabbed your satchel and began to dig through it until you found the puffin and the bracelets. "This was the reason I was working," You told him awkwardly as he grabbed the gifts and speculated them. "And if you don't like them, I can—"

   Emil cut you off with a tender kiss on your lips and a small smile on his face. "Don't be silly; I love them," He pursed his lips before adding on, "And you, too."

   You laughed and sat with him in the sand as the sun slowly began to set. You were holding his hand, and in his other was the puffin. Your bracelets were on each other's wrists.

   Hm. You guessed mismatched thoughts was what led you to this bliss; and you weren't coming out.
Ahh, so here's something fluffy with Iceland~~ (And a sorry reader insert for not finishing my Hetalia-Sama series //sadness)

Anyway, here's the lovin!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Preview Image (c) Also Hima-papa's

Edit (8/01/13) Is this reader-insert really that good??? Idk man
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